It’s going to be a Spooky Week😱🎃👹!
All ‘in person’ classes are running this week and on Wednesday 28th October and Friday 30th October we will have a Halloween – “Dress Scary” workout – there is no obligation to dress up, but thought it might be fun as it’s always an annual tradition.
Hope you embrace it and have fun – the usual Scary playlist will rear it’s ugly head again! Aaaaaaarrrrrrggh!!
I have amended the online timetable this week as it’s half term (just for one week only) – again, feel free to surprise me with your Halloween antics! Please check the days that NO online classes are on this week. There are plenty of ‘Pay as you go’ classes to take part in.
I am donating £1 for every participant this week to St peter and St James Hospice – I will also bring the Collection Box to class, so any donations will be greatly received.
5.15pm Online Fitness Pilates
6.30pm Birchwood Grove School – ZUMBA/FITSTEPS
9am – Online Barre – NO CLASS
7.30pm – Online Fitness Pilates
8.30am – FREE 30 minute Barre/Fitness Pilates Mix Class on Group Facebook page.
6.30pm – Birchwood Grove School – ZUMBA/FITSTEPS workout – Dress Scary if you like!
8.15am – online barre – NO CLASS
9.30am – Kings Centre Burgess Hill – BODYBARRE
8.45am – online Fitness Pilates NO CLASS
10am – Kings Centre Burgess Hill – ZUMBA/FITSTEPS workout – Dress Scary if you like!
9am – online Fitness Pilates
See You soon x