Good Morning! 
Hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday Weekend and had fun Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.  We had good workout sessions on Friday wearing Red, White and Blue at Class to commemorate this occasion.
The weather has certainly been glorious and it has been great to have something positive on the News!

The sad news it that EUROVISION is cancelled this year! But fear not!……….Eurovision – Come Together will be aired this Saturday night(16th May) on BBC with all the acts performing Virtually.  How exciting!!! You’ll be pleased to know?? that I am planning my usual EUROVISION Tribute during Zumba/Fitsteps sessions this week -throwing into the mix some particularly ‘Cheesy, random songs from past years – Brace yourselves!

Thanks for braving technology and logging on to my classes – its certainly lovely to stay connected.
Those that are a bit fearful of getting connected please do give me a call if you need a helping hand getting onto Zoom and orientating yourself around the website – it’s no problem.

We had a good week of Fitness Pilates focussing on The Lumbo Pelvic area – I know by Saturday my lower back felt stronger and less achey – how about you?
This week the Fitness Pilates focus is Shoulders, Arms and Upper back…………
Do you suffer from tight and tense shoulders? If you are feeling stressed your shoulders could probably do with a bit of loosening up and stretching – I aim to deliver a lovely shoulder activation Fitness Pilates workout at Every Live Class next week.

If you haven’t joined the Members Facebook Group please do click on my facebook page and there will be a link to join the Bodywithanita – FREE FITNESS PILATES CLASSES
All the weekly news is also on both of these sites.

BodyBarre is still going strong with some of the Fitness Pilates ladies giving this class a try – its a good flow with a mix of motivational and classical music to get you moving.

I am still ‘Mixing up’ the Zumba and Fitsteps classes – although I apologise the Friday before last was a bit intense!! I have calmed it down a bit!….I was obviously working off my frustrations from the week!!
If you have any song or dance choices please do get in touch – it will give me a challenge to rise to!

The link to all of my online classes is:

You can either choose to do a ‘Live class by clicking on the ‘LIVESTREAM link’ or just click on a ‘Pre-recorded – pay as you go’ option to do the other classes as and when you wish. There is currently a choice of 12 different ‘Pre-Recorded – Pay as you Go classes’ – if you’re a bit shy why not give one of these a go first before going ‘Live’?

All classes are £4 and last approx 40-45 mins or you can choose the UNLIMITED ACCESS Option for £40 a month with access to ALL classes – as many as you want including Livestream for a month.

Keep in touch – Have a good week – Keep Smiling and Stay Positive!

Much Love
Anita xxx